senses and coordination

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Summary - senses and coordination

  • 1 responding to surroundings

  • All sense organs join to form the...?
    sensory system
  • Which two sense organs does your ear contain?
    hear and balance
  • The skin contains organs that produce the sense of what?
  • On what does the sense you feel depend?
    the tupe of receptors in your skin
  • Which receptors does your skin have?
    cold and heat receptors, receptors for touch and pressure
  • Where do heat receptors respond to?
    anthing touching the skin that is warmer
  • What do cold receptors respond to?
    anything touching the skin that is colder
  • Where do touch receptors respond to?
    respond to light pressure on your skin, they inform you about the texture
  •  Where do pressure receptors respond to?
    to heavy pressure  and are located deep inside the skind
  • What is a sense organ?
    an organ tha responds to information from the surrounndings
  • What is such information from the surroundings called?
  • What do sense organs contain?
    sensory cells
  • To what are sensory cells connected?
  • What happens when sensory cells collect stimuli?
    they translate this information into impulses
  • What are impulses?
    electric signals that travel to the brain along nerves
  • What is the threshold value?
    The lowest intensity of a stimulus that can cause an impulse to be generated
  • What is light called?
    the adequate stimulus ffor the sensory cells in your eyes
  • What is the adequate stimulus?
    It is the kind of stimulus a sensory cell is sensitive to. The threshold calue of the sensory cell is low for this type of stimulus.
  • What is habituation?
    – Habituation: if a sensory cell is repeatedly exposed to a certain stimulus for a long period, the response to the stimulus will decrease.
  • What does play a role as well in influencing the threshold value?
  • Of what is the nervous system made up?
    central nervous system and the nerves.
  • Where does the central nervous system consists of ?
    the brain and the spinal cord
  • What do the nerves do?
    They connect all body parts to the central nervous system
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All sense organs join to form the...?
Which two sense organs does your ear contain?
The skin contains organs that produce the sense of what?
On what does the sense you feel depend?
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