Intercultural Communication: Global Cultures and Contexts

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Samenvatting - Intercultural Communication: Global Cultures and Contexts

  • 1.2 Contributors to cultural diversity

  • What are the five contributors to cultural diversity?
    1. Advanced technologies
    2. Modern transport systems
    3. Global economy
    4. International business transactions
    5. Mass migration
  • What is the most significant contributors to our multicultural environment?
    The ever-increasing flow of people through mass migration and international exchange.
  • 1.2.1 Advanced technology and transport system

  • What is meant by globalization?
    Globalization is the process of increasing interconnectedness between societies, so that events in one place of the world have more and deeper effects on people and societies far away.
  • How have advanced communication technologies influenced our lives?
    • Communicate regardless of distance and time
    • Relationships are affected. Even internet-based relationships.
  • 1.2.2 Global economy and business transactions

  • What is meant by global transformation?
    It refers to the worldwide economic and technological changes that influence how people relate to one another
  • What is an example of global transformation?
    You can buy an iPhone everywhere!
  • What is one of the most biggest economic and social challenges facing us today?
    Unlock the barriers of the acceptance of cultural diversity in the economy and society as whole.
  • What are two consequences of the global economy and business transactions?
    1. Businesses are expanding into world markets.
    2. Ethnic diversity within workplaces is continually changing the organizational composition of most parts of the world.
    3. Flow of migrant workers (as a results of economic transformation) leads to an increase in ethnic competition.
  • What challenge do we face in the business context of intercultural communication?
    Understanding the cultural tensions: conflicts in expectations, lack of communication competence and attitude problems such as mistrust.
  • 1.2.3 Mass migration and international exchange

  • What is the benefit of migration?
    It contributes to the social and economic development in the country of origin and destination.
  • What is the link between education and migration?
    A steadily increasing proportion of migrant populations are made up of international students.
  • 1.3.1 Multiculturalism

  • In which three ways can multiculturalism be approached?
    1. Implicit: visible symbols of cultural diversity
    2. Descriptive: society with different cultures
    3. Attitude: society's tolerance towards diversity and acceptance of equal societal participation.
  • What have been key issues of concern in all countries that receive migrants?
    Maintenance of nationalism and continuity of the mainstream culture.
  • What is the challenge of multiculturalism we face today?
    Promote intercultural understanding so as to reap the benefits of cultural diversity and reduce intercultural tensions.
  • 1.3.2 Building intercultural understanding

  • What is the biggest benefit of accepting cultural differences?
    Cultural diversity enriches each of us.
  • What is the difference between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism?
    ethnocentrism: seeing our culture as the central and best one
    cultural relativism: judge a culture by its context
  • Wat is the key factor for accepting cultural differences?
    Intercultural knowledge and intercultural skills.
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What are the five contributors to cultural diversity?
What is meant by globalization?
How have advanced communication technologies influenced our lives?
What is meant by global transformation?
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