Class notes - Integrated Communication Management

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Samenvatting - Class notes - Integrated Communication Management

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  • Developments that influenced the importance of communication in an organisation
    1. Dependancy on the social environment has increased
    2. Society has increased in scale
    3. The complexity of society increases as wells as the pace at which changes occur
  • What is role-taking?
    When senders try to empathise with the reader
  • The most importatn approaches are communication as:
    1. A policy vision or mentality
    2. A management function
    3. A process of interaction with groups of the public
    4. Activities and working methods
    3. A field of study
  • Integrated communication can be seen as...
    ...involving an attitude of all inside the organisation
  • Integrated marketing can be seen as....
    ...involving an attitude relevant to anyone in the organisation
  • Integrated marketing communication can be seen as...
    ...the combined planning and use of multiple marketing communication tools
  • Integrated communication on the micro level of operational activities:
    This refers to consistency within one area of communication activities. Receiver orientation is needed and the awareness that this involves all employees. 
  • Integrated communication on the meso level of the communication level:
    This level refers to establishing  a strong connection between the communication activities initiated at various plaaces within the organisation. Relationship management is a key activity in all domains.
  • Integrated communication on the macro level of the organisational level:
    On this level communication policy is wel embedded in the organisational policy as a whole and the latter in the social environment. There is coordination between the various functional areas an there needs to be an ongoing dialogue with public groups and developments in the social environment are monitored
  • An organisation is a....
    ...goal-realising cooperation
  • The mission statement....
    ...forms the core of the organisational policies
  • In general organisational objectives...
    ...The top management indicates the direction in which the organisation should develop
  • General strategies are the...
    ...decision-making rules on the basis of which are made to achieve goals
  • Marketing aims at...
    ...activities which focus on voluntary exchange transactions
  • Marketing communication aims at...
    groups of buyers and intermediaries
  • Monolithic identity:
    Where a company has an integrating task towards its subsidiaries and provides each product with an identity
  • Umbrella identity:
    where the company domunates the profile, but parts of the organisation each are left some room to promote their own identity
  • Endorsed identity:
    where the company externalises some activities with reference to the company and/or allows subsidiaries to operate refering to that name; the characteristics of the company remain visible, but the identity of the various activities is put first
  • Branded identity:
    where the company is not visible in the marketing place, but its brands are. These do not need to have a visible relationship with each other or the parent company
  • What developments in the past few decades have contributed to the increased interest in communication for an organisation?
    (1) increasing dependence of the environment, (2) increase in scale in society and (3) the complexity and speed of the changes in society
  • Why canthe attitude that the management adopts towards ethical matters change over time?
    The people who are a part of the dominant coalition in the organisation may be others. Trends in society and opinions in the external environment may have repercussions on the internal environment. Goals and position of the organisation may have changed in the external field of influence
  • Why do conflicts of interests play a more prominent role in concern communication than in marketing communication?
    Marketing (communication) concerns a swap relationship in which consensus ad idem exits. This is not the case in concern communication
  • Why is feedback of major importance in communication processes?
    In order to achieve effective communication the sender has to anticipate the decoding method of the receiver
  • For what purpose can the 'field of forces' approach be useful in organisational communication?
    Having interests and positions of other parties in view is important to be able to achieve durable interaction
  • Why can communication experts perform both a strategic-advisory and an executive role?
    Strategic advie to top mngt concern the function area of communication and in particular the relation between organisation and environment. The implementation of communication activities concerns the functional area of communication and other functional areas, among which marketing. At the implementation level advice may also be given as regards the use of the tool of communication in relation to other tools
  • What roles do concern, internal and marketing communication respectively play in the fields of input, throughput and output of the organisation?
    Concern communication contributes to the climate in which the organsation functions and the general goodwill that is experienced. Internal communication is needed to realise cooperation, increase commitment and support changes. In marketing communication products and services are drawn attention to
  • What tasks in any case need to be performed at the co-ordinating level of organisational level?
    The central issue of development of a common policy framwork, which is translated into concrete points of departure for the various communication modalities. Moreover, a mechanism should be developed to gear communication activities that are undertaken with these various modalities as their starting point, to each other
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Developments that influenced the importance of communication in an organisation
What is role-taking?
The most importatn approaches are communication as:
Integrated communication can be seen as...
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