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Samenvatting - Casussen voor Engels

  • 35 moeilijke woorden

  • Account
    An arrangement with a bank where you put and takes out money 
  • Branch
    One of the local offices of a large company
  • Overdraft facility
    An agreement to owe money to the bank within a certain amount
  • Charges
    Asking a particular amount of money for something
  • Pay off
    The total amount we spent  every month
  • Mortgage
    A loan to buy a house
  • Credit crunch
    When banks were less willing to lend money
  • Negative equity
    When a house prices fell an some buyers owned more than  house was worth
  • Account balance
    The amount I have  in each account
  • Unit trust
    Shares in investment companies that put money from small investors into a range of companies
  • Windfall
    An uninspected increase in the value of the pension fund
  • 36 moeilijke woorden

  • Speculator
    An investor who want tot make a quick profit
  • Brokers/ dealers and traders
    People who buy and sell on behalf of these investors of for themselves of for the company
  • Raise capital
    Finding the money it needs
  • Stock market
    The activity of buying and selling shares in particular companies
  • Oversubscribed
    There weren’t enought shares  for all the  investors who wanted them
  • Commercial paper
    Short term lending of the business
  • Bonds
    Long term lending to business and government 
  • Currencies
    Buying and selling the money  of particular contries
  • Commodities exchange
    A place where large quantities of oil, metal and farm products
  • Capital market
    Securities markets / the system of financial organizations from which companies and governments raise money selling stocks, bonds, etc. to investors
  • Futures contract
    Agreement giving an oblication to sell a fixed amount or commodity at a particular price on a particular future date
  • Options contract
    An agreement giving the right but not the oblication
  • Derivatives
    A financial product such as an option (= the right to buy or sell something in the future) 
  • Underlying shares
    The shares that the derivatives relate to
  • Options contract
    An agreement giving the right but not the oblication
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