Workshop effective studying

Topics: Stop procrastinating – Motivation – Read less but smart – Take smarter notes – Mind mappingForget less –  Better concentration – LecturesSummary

Introduction (important!!)

How come information gets stored in the brain?

Procrastinating, addressed!

This will kickstart you lousy day with a bad start

Do this if you can’t get started with this long and hard task

This innovative to-do list will make you do you to-do’s

Improve your motivation

This exercise will return it

This is critical for a high motivation

The impact of a high grade goal

Read less, and super smart

How to separate main points from side issues

This 30 seconds trick will magnetise your brain for new information

This 4 step reading strategy is the basis of every good study session

Use these filters to avoid making notes on 2/3 of the material that you can skip!

Taking fewer and smarter notes

These ways (don’t!!) work

How to make a good flashcard

Is it better to write then to type?

Make smart mind maps

Use twice as much brain capacity

How to make the perfect mind map

Review to forget less

These reviewing methods will lock the information in your brain way faster then others

This review schema will move information from the short term to the long term memory

Improve your concentration

Easy solutions for a (MUCH!!) better concentration

The power of a break. A good rhythm makes a big difference.

Easily manipulate your brainwaves for optimal concentration

Optimize classroom time

This 30 seconds exercise will do the job

Summary: The 3 main study accelerators

Study Accelerator nr. 1: Study, unlike 95%, the table of contents

Study Accelerator nr. 2: make notes in this way

Study accelerator nr. 3: Review no stop forgetting what you studied