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Digital flashcard is a hugely popular study method in e-learning. As for any study method, it is good to know why it is so effective, and how it works. Today, we will talk you through all these FAQ’s!


What are digital flashcards?

A flashcard is a card that has a question on the front, and an answer on the back. The question and the answer are usually based on study materials, like a text for instance. After studying a text or a book, you can practice the material by thinking of the correct answer on the back. You turn over, or flash the card to check if you knew the right answer. Flashcards have been used on paper since the 19th century, but are now digitalised.

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Why is a flashcard better than any other study method?

A flashcard is one of the best study methods out there, because it is an active form of studying. Passive forms of studying are scanning, underlining and highlighting. Though many students think these methods are effective, research has shown those methods have no benefit over reading. Active forms of studying however, includes ‘making things’, based on what you read. These forms require your brains to do some work. Because of the mental effort, you will remember it a lot faster and better. Thus, putting the text in to your own words in a summary or flashcard, enhances your long-term memory. Besides, practicing with questions is always a good way to prepare for your exam!

digital flashcards help you study actively and effectively

So, why do it digitally?

As mentioned, the old way to do flashcards is to make them on tiny paper cards. However, this can cause a lot of clutter. Sometimes people make up to 300 flashcards for studying one subject. Imagine carrying them around with you and keeping them organised and neat at the same time. What a nightmare! Nowadays, we get the opportunity to study in a decluttered way. Studies suggest that tidy environments enhance your concentration. Thus, digitalising your flashcards ensure a tidy mind and super effective study sessions. With eFaqt, you can make, edit, import and organise flashcards very easily. Also, you can practice them and keep track of your progress as eFaqt tells you how many you got right! Here you can read our blog on how to make and study your flashcards with eFaqt.

digital flashcards are the future

Curious about the rest of eFaqt? In eFaqt you can find free summaries from other students, or you can create and practice your own summaries. Study faster, remember more, and connect with your study mates! Don’t have an eFaqt account yet? Create a new account in one minute! 



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