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How it works

Study together on and share your summaries with your friends! Have you seen our new feature already? It enables you to invite friends, classmates and other users super easily to join you on eFaqt! Also, you can organise your contacts based on several things. Here is how you do it!


1. Click the Friends-icon

See? There is a new icon next to your name on the top right of your dashboard. Click on it and a new dashboard will be loaded.

Study together on eFaqt


2. The community dashboard

Here, you see a new dashboard that helps you to study together a lot more easily. We will walk you through it!Study together on eFaqt


3. Invite your friends to study together

You can do this easily via entering their e-mail address, or through Facebook messenger if you don’t know their e-mail address!


Study together on eFaqt


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 09.41.18


4. Search for friends

Maybe some of your friends or classmates you would like to study together with, are already on eFaqt. By typing in their name(s), you can easily find them and add them! Once you find them, you can see which courses, books and articles they are studying. Who knows, you might have some subjects in common! If you do, you can study together on those subjects by exchanging flashcards and notes through the eFaqt Network.

study together on eFaqt


5. Organise your study mates

Study together on eFaqt
When adding people, you can add them to your general community, or as a course mate. Also, if you
notice a member whose flashcards and notes you particularly like, you can add them to your favourites! This way you keep all your contacts nice and organised.


6. Video tutorial



Curious about the rest of eFaqt? In eFaqt you can find free summaries from other students, or you can create and practice your own summaries. Study faster, remember more, and connect with your study mates! Don’t have an eFaqt account yet? Create a new account in one minute! 



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