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In 2016 our Smart Trainers have toured the Netherlands and gave more than 40 Study Skills workshops for hundreds of students. If you missed out on these workshops, don’t worry! This gif-tastic list of our top ten study skills will get you covered for the upcoming exams.

1. Aim High

tumblr_mn7v9y0Ds71sqx1xno1_400 Mindset is important when studying. Often, if you study just enough to pass, you may fall short of your goal and find yourself failing. Therefore, always aim a bit higher to ensure that you  meet your goals.

2. Plan your free time, too

20080520152801_large Ah, the dreaded agenda…full of things to do, and things you really don’t want to do. Here’s a tip to kick start your productivity—fill your agenda first with things you love. By planning your free time first, your agenda will become less stressful, and you’ll get a more realistic picture of how much time you have for studying.

3. Caffeine is not your friend.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-583-1366827826-2 Ever tried to study in a caffeine induced coma? We don’t recommend going overboard with the energy drinks during your study sessions. Instead, try drinking water, tea, or another less-caffeinated beverage to stay focused, alert, and refreshed.

4. Take study breaks

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21949-1362505235-6 Research shows that the average person’s concentration is best for 50 minute intervals. After studying for 50 minutes, take a 10 minute break to recharge. When you return to studying, your concentration will be back at its peak. (*Note: the eFaqt Pro/ Unlimited subscription provides with custom alerts that tell you when to study, and when to take study breaks to maximum efficiency.)

5. Put down the highlighters

highlight-in-books The best way to commit information to memory is to rewrite it in your own words. Create a summary, mindmap, or set of flashcards to be sure to remember all the information you need, and good grief, put down those highlighters.

6. Quiz yourself with flashcards

Flashcard A By quizzing yourself often, you will send all information you need to remember to your long term memory. Flashcards train your brain on where to retrieve the information, so you’ll be ready to ace your exam. (Picture: Flashcards practice with eFaqt)

7. Review on time

anigif_enhanced-buzz-28558-1362437423-5 Research shows that your retention falls in a pattern. It’s best to review on a schedule, and eFaqt will even send you reminders when it’s time for you to review again. By reviewing on this research-based schedule, you’ll be sure to remember it all.

8. Study Together 

tumblr_inline_mjkl5oHtQv1qz4rgp Don’t get bored always studying. After you’ve read the necessary information, it’s always good to get ideas from others. Try organizing a study group, or sharing notes and flashcards online via eFaqt.

9. Find the best study environment

tumblr_inline_mkvs5nlHfA1qz4rgp Some people work best at home, while others excel when studying in the library. Try out different study environments and notice how your productivity changes in different situations. Then, choose the top 3 locations and  stick with it.

10. Reward yourself

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13312-1366827909-1 After doing well on your final exams, and achieving your goals, be sure to reward yourself. This will make you eager for the next semester to succeed again!


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