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Pokemon games might be just the right tool to teach kids all they need to know for the 21st century. A new book chapter from a publication dedicated to video games claims so!

Researcher Eli Neiburger says that the complicated and ever-expanding world of Pokemon teaches kids about the processes of collaborative knowledge construction, allows them to repetitively tackle challenges in a non-stressful environment and even makes kids more likely to read! And it does all that in a fun, engaging and exciting environment that schools never do.

As an example, Neiburger explains:

7 types of Pokémon and attacks combine to determine the efficacy of an attack. Each Pokémon has one or two types, and each attack is one type; an attack can have one of 6 levels of efficacy depending on the types of its target. That’s a 3-dimensional knowledge matrix with over 4,600 cells, and each of the cells with 1 of 6 potential values; making a space with over 23,000 incorrect possible values and 4,624 correct values

The chapter shows how step by step, kids enjoying Pokemon are more likely to get better at science, learn about the process of knowledge construction by investing in community maintained Wikipedias, and choose whether to plat the game on a regular level or go “deeper” by exploring more elaborate training tactics, battle simulators, and expert discussions.

Pikachu jump

Pika-pika: A symbol of a growing knowledge matrix?


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