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We go to school (college/ university) to learn new things. Why do we do that? The answer, which may seem straightforward to some is tricky to others. If you want better jobs, you need to study engineering and business professions according to a recent study, which found strong connections between chosen college majors and the salaries of the graduates.

Most of us will agree that learning is a way to better ourselves. But bettering ourselves holds different meanings. The first group of learners want to get out of their education institution as quickly as possible and begin their “real life”. For them, education is a stepping stone to higher salaries and better life quality. They are determined and treat their education as a tool. They may even not like what they’re studying at all, but still go with it. This is a common and realistic position. For these people, eFaqt may be a great tool in a way that it makes hard material understandably accessible.

Another group is of those who choose study for study’s sake. These are the art and philosophy students (but also the chemists and physicists) who get up every morning with fire in their eyes, and march on to conquer their selected field. For them, eFaqt might be even better allocation of their time, since it will build a long-lasting database of knowledge, that will help them in their future studies and interests with the field.

And there are those in between – balancing between interest and future income, not enthusiastic about their study subjects yet having some warm feelings for them nonetheless. For those eFaqt also holds value after all. By sharing, making notes, helping themselves and each other, they create the support community necessary to get through school in one piece.

How about you? What kind of student are you?


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