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One lesson we all learn before the exams is that organised and complete class notes are very important. This is why we would like to show you how you can write up and organise your class notes in eFaqt. Follow this tutorial and create the best study notes during your lectures!


1. Choose “Lesson or Lecture” to take class notes

PRO tip: before the class starts connect already to the Wifi, and log in to your eFaqt account. When you log in, click “Add study materials” on the top right. Below that, click “lesson or lecture”, then slightly on the left, choose “Study lesson or lecture”.

class notes first menu

2. Fill out the course on which you want to take class notes

In the next window, you will be asked to fill out your course. Click on the arrow, and then choose “Categorize summaries per course”.

class notes which course screen

Here, you fill in your university, college or school. Also, you fill in the academic year, the name of the course, and the name of your teacher. Click “Save course” when you are done filling this in. This will enable you to add other notes to this course later on. Later, you can always search for this specific course to add new notes. Click “Start studying”, to start taking notes.

class notes categorize course


3. Fill in date and name

The next window asks you to fill in which class or lecture you are taking notes on, and asks you which date it took place. This way, it is easy to organise everything.

class notes pick date and class

4. Choose the “Note tab” to start taking your class notes

Now you will be directed to the window where you can start typing your content. To take notes, remember to click the Note tab bottom right, as the opening screen is a flashcard tab. When you finish a particular segment of your lecture notes, and you want to visually divide your topics, hit ‘TAB’, to start a new note, like below.
class notes tab for new note

5. Edit and format

Using the toolbar on the notes, you can easily edit the notes by making things bold, italic, underlined, or another colour. It is also possible to add bulletpoints and numbers, and even images from your PC or directly from google.
class notes format studying


6. Share and exchange your class notes

You can invite your friends to study together on this course by hitting the add buttons on the top right. You can search their names if they already have an eFaqt account, click one button, and a mail will be sent to invite them. Because your notes on the course will be saved in to the eFaqt Network, your friends and classmates will be able to study them as well. Likewise, you can study the class notes that your friends take on this course. You can import them and even edit them if necessary. Best of luck studying!

class notes add friend


Check This Video for a Quick Overview:



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