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Right before the Christmas holidays, temptation is everywhere! When it comes to school or  college related issues, it might seem appealing to throw in the towel and giving in to the guilty pleasures while sipping hot Chocomel. However, this is NOT what you will be doing!
No need to doubt your capabilities. All you need is a bit of extra motivation. Here are five tips to keep your motivation up in the last, agonizing weeks before the holidays.

1. Song in your playlist

Apple tip 1 copy

Choose a song that somehow motivates you. Either the lyrics, the melody or the whole atmosphere of the song can be motivating: Perhaps a song that reminds you of your wish for a careless holiday is a good one! Every time it turns up in your playlist during studying, it remind you of your target: Passing those last tests before you can really enjoy your time off!

2. Small rewards


Did you study a chapter? Good, now go get yourself a nice drink! Did you finish summarizing your whole book? Maybe a good time to browse and order new shoes with discount! Small rewards for small milestones in between have proven to be effective incentives for getting it done!

3. Share your goals

3_running copy

Tell everybody about how you are going to ace your exams and study every day until school is over! Creating a bit of peer pressure makes you want to keep your promises not only to yourself, but also to others. This makes you a more disciplined and effective student in your last couple of weeks ☺

4. List

4_beach copy

Make a dream list of at least 15 things that you are looking forward. It could be a getaway or a coffee with your best friend: Anything goes! All of these are reminders of why you are doing what you are doing. Keep the list in your diary or on your desk while studying!

5. Mindfulness

5_buddha copy

 This might sound a bit odd, but think of your last exam or that tough essay as a party or a privilege! Sentences as: “Wow, how fascinating!” or,  “I am SO curious as to what will be told in the next chapter” are good to say (or think) out loud. Your mind and feelings will eventually align with the joy of those thoughts, making it a lot easier to get through the tough stuff!


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