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The eFaqt team recently came across an interesting scientific study that links exercise to increased memory. Therefore, we decided to sit down with bestselling Bodieboost author, and weight-loss guru, Charlotte Willems, to see how students can make use of this scientific study in their everyday lives in order to study more efficiently for better grades! Be sure to comment on our Facebook post to enter to win the Bodieboost Daybook!


Question 1: In a recent study, scientists found that exercise helped to boost memory. What are some ways that students can take advantage of this finding?

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Charlotte: Well, exercise also helps you to lower stress. As a student you think you don’t have time, but you really do. It’s not like you need to be at the office from 9 to 5. You can be flexible. I would say, in order to take advantage of this study on exercise and memory, students can incorporate a half an hour of exercise into their daily routines. I would start when you get up. Have a really healthy breakfast, and then go out and do something for 30 minutes. I start my day with a walk. I just put on my sports clothes, and go for a walk, or do exercise in the park. Your brain also gets better with this fresh air. That way you can concentrate better on your studies and get higher grades. If you feel better, you get higher results in your whole life!


Question 2: When is the best time to exercise and integrate studying into the student routine?

Charlotte: I’d advise students to exercise first thing in the morning because it helps you to concentrate throughout the day. But, of course, there are those people who just aren’t morning people. For those students, I’d say it’s possible to take breaks from studying, later in the day, and incorporate exercise into those study breaks. Also, be sure to eat healthy during your study breaks. Have a nice avocado, for example. You’ll feel so much better having healthy snacks in between. Healthy food is good for your skin, your brain, your body, your soul, your whole life.


Question 3: What are some exercises that students can do in the wintertime indoors?

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Charlotte: There are plenty of exercises you can do inside your house. Blogpilates, for example, offers youtube videos that you can do at home. You can also try using water bottles for weight lifting instead of going to the gym. Incorporating 7 minutes or more of exercise during your study breaks will really change your body. If you do this for even half a year, you will really see a change.


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