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Remember all those textbooks you have to read for school? You’ll be happy to find out that there are simple techniques that can turn you into a super fast reader. And guess what! The best are all here ?

1. Scan the Text before Starting to Read It

Have you noticed that when you find an article on the Internet, you go straight for the bold headlines? This is called scanning, and you can do the same with your books for school. As long as you have a general idea about the study material, go through the chapter headings and table of contents to help your brain find only the most important paragraphs in the textbook. Once you’ve identified them, read them casually until you get the information you need.

super fast reader

2. Listen to Classical Music

Studies show that listening to classical music while studying or reading can stimulate your attention and productivity. You can also try the soundtracks of video games because they are specifically created to increase the player’s concentration.

fast reader listening to music

3. Point Your Finger or a Pen at Every Word

Use your finger or a simple pen to guide your vision from word to word. Place it directly under the word you are reading, and follow it along the page with your eyes. The more you speed up the movement of your finger, the faster you will read. However, reading too fast will dim your concentration, so make sure you find the optimal speed.



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