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Group projects can form a challenge for students, because grades won’t depend on only your expertise! Make sure you organise your group project well, so you can benefit from each others knowledge and qualities – Here are 6 steps you need to follow to ace your group project!

  1. Don’t always team up with your best friend

If you get the chance, choose your group wisely! Your best friend in class might not always be your most compatible teammate. Group projects are not always fun and games: they are serious business and you should make sure your companions are just as valuable as you are!step1

2. Learn about each others Strengths

As soon as you have put your group together, find out who has which quality: Who is a good writer? Who is excellent at structuring your story? Who is the creative one? Try to identify these qualities and benefit from them.

step 2

3. Divide Tasks and speak out on Accountability in a Group Project

Based on everyones skills, divide the tasks.  Of course, there are general tasks that everybody has to do. Everyone has to explore the field of research for a particular topic for instance. From that point on, be as specific as you can and divide the tasks as clear as possible. Avoid conclusions as “well, we’ll see, it will be fine I guess.” Tasks that aren’t formulated or appointed properly can cause stress at the end. Everybody should know what they have to do, and when they have to do it.

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4. Divide the Writing Part, but appoint A Reviewer

If everybody writes their own part, your essay could look like a house that is built of a million different bricks. These bricks could make it unstable, so make sure the best writer within the group reviews all the parts and aligns the writing to a certain style or tone of voice.

group project ace how to

5. “The Deadline” is not Your Group-Deadline

When creating a proper schedule with the group, don’t use the teacher-deadline as your group-deadline. Your group deadline is way before that! Remember when everybody finishes their part, you have to review them, create a reference list, spell-check them and you might even run in to some other hick-ups. Take this time into account! Also, stress the importance of this group deadline within the group.

group projects group project ace

6. Use the right Tools

Group-projects can be a logistic hassle sometimes. Make sure you use the right tools to save you a lot of time and energy! Work together on Google Docs to track progress and adjustments, have short meetings on Skype and share screens, share your last comments and todo’s on WhatsApp!

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