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We all know that college life can be super stressful. You want to do fun things like chill with your friends, or party, but also need to keep up with your schoolwork. We all also know that panicked feeling of studying for an exam the night before, or trying to throw together that big assignment. I used to experience the same anxiety and frustration with schoolwork vs. life until I started planning. So, take a look at these easy steps to becoming a successful planner, so you can study more efficiently, and have more free time!

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Step 1: What you’ll need
Usually when I make my weekly schedule, I use my diary, a notebook and my laptop. I still love to have a paper diary for all my appointments. I then insert my schedule into Google Calendar, but you can use whichever calendar app works best for you.

Step 2: Keep it real.
Usually when we make a schedule of things to do, we only insert the “must-do’s” like studying, working, or going to class. Let’s try a fresh approach, and also schedule in all the fun activities we want to do. Let’s keep it real—you know you’re going to do those fun things anyways. I always plan time for class, dinner with friends, and even shopping. Don’t forget to factor in travel time. And, if you know you’re going to a party, don’t schedule studying for the next morning. We all know it’s not going to happen.

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Step 3: Don’t forget the details
After inserting all of the things I need to do, and blocking out my time for the upcoming week, I then bust out my handy notebook. You see, in the notebook, I’ve written down exactly what I need to prepare for each study session, such as assignments that are due, or readings I need to finish. If there are lessons with a lot of texts, I make a note to start my summary on eFaqt.

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Step 4: Start planning!
Now, I go into the calendar app and add all of this information into each appointment. You may not at first know how much time to allot for each activity. Again, keep in mind any travel time, and factor that in, too. Also, plan more time for an activity, rather than less. It’s always better to finish early than to run out of time. Finally, don’t forget to use color coding for different types of activities like “Class”, “Studying”, “Meetings”, and “Fun Stuff”. This will help to give you an overview when you look at your weekly schedule, of what is coming up.

Well, my planning is all done and now all I have to do is follow it ;) I stay motivated to stick to my schedule by reminding myself that I want to finish school and really want my weekend to be free from any homework or studying. What is your motivation to stick to your schedule?


Jolijn is a third year student in Skin Therapy at Haagse University. Studying isn’t her biggest hobby. She enjoys shopping and hanging out with friends. She helps other students to study and works as a student assistant in her training. Follow her on Twitter at @jolinecec


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