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Without thinking critically, you will never be the smartest person in the room. You will never be your boss’ right hand or the top entrepreneur in your business domain. Without critical thinking, your arguments will never be unbeatable, and your decisions may be manipulated to the point that they are no longer yours. In other words, critical thinking is an essential tool that we must always carry around with us.

First of all, the courses are often more realistic. From well-opinionated essays to real-life issues, you need to have the ability to think critically if you want to get the most out of your college years. You will constantly have to generate strong ideas (e.g. for the dissertation, for projects, for events etc). Critical thinking will be your best asset. Plus, it will help you evaluate your own work so you can refine it. So how exactly do we develop this skill?


1.Focus on one intellectual skill at a time

Aim to develop one new intellectual skill each month, such as empathy, courage, perseverance etc. To do that, you will have to observe your behavior closely. For example, when focusing on courage, notice how fear gets to you, and take a few moments to think critically. Ask yourself why does that feeling conquer you? How can you eliminate it? Make sure you keep doing this until you finally come up with a strong answer.


2.Dare to challenge your beliefs

Whether it’s God, UFOs, Big Bang or, really, anything else, we all believe in something. To develop our critical thinking, we must dare to challenge our beliefs. This will create a variety of assumptions for us to consider, which will help us to become more open-minded and critical.


3.Remember to think for yourself

Although many courses are practical in college, you will come across many theoretical ones, as well, which will require you to study. But make sure you don’t get too caught up in the papers neglecting your own ideas. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in other people’s work. So remember to think for yourself from time to time and come up with unique opinions and ideas.


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