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Some of these study hacks might sound familiar, but others will definitely surprise you! Use this mix of study tools, and get inspired: share, practice and enjoy your study time!


1. Eliminate distractions

You know that feeling where you automatically type Facebook into your browser, while you were about to log-in to your school account? And that feeling where you are suddenly reading e-mails when you thought you had googled a definition? The fun, but also distracting surfing should be eliminated. This is why we show you the following tool as our first study hack. There are simple apps that can help you block the websites for a specific amount of time during your study-sessions. The app SelfControl is one of them!

2. Find example questions

Practice, practice, practice – It makes it perfect. However, not every teacher is eager to help you study hack by giving away old exam questions. Which is why you should type in Google the following “site:edu [subject] exam” to find different college exams featuring questions about your subject.


3. Watch documentaries

Before you start studying a long book or text, watch a documentary on the subject. This way, you roughly get an idea of the outline of your content, and you will know what will come next when you read and study your textbook. Knowing what comes next, significantly paces up your sessions, and it makes them more efficient and not so tedious.

4. Take notes as if you make them for someone else

Sloppy notes are no use if you want to rehearse your notes before your exam. If you can’t read what you wrote, you will panic: take your time to write neat and properly. As if you were going to give them to someone else.


5. Write nicely on your exam

A scientific study hack: Research has shown that fonts and handwritings that are difficult to read, influence the judgments of a text. The difficulty one experiences while reading determine how clearly the key content comes across: This means your handwriting can create a bias when a teacher checks your exam. If a teacher cannot read your answers easily, he or she will subconsciously judge your answer as being unclear. This could cost you some points!


6. Scent and taste

Another tiny hack is to chew a certain gum, or drink a certain type of drink during your study-sessions, and do the same during your exam. The scent or taste is an extra grip for your brain to remember everything you had learned the last time you smelled or tasted it!


7. YouTube!

Oops! Did you miss a class? Or your teacher just did not manage to clearly explain a difficult topic? Chances are that there are dozens of videos of students and teachers who use the best examples and analogies to explain difficult constructs. Get on YouTube and you might even come up with the best or most original answer on your exam!

8. Make a new word

Often, you need to remember 5 conditions or 5 definitions that will help you explain a theory on your test. This basically works like a formula: Once you forget one part, you won’t be able to explain it anymore. When finding difficulty to remember them, make up words with their first letters for instance. Write down these made-up words at the beginning of your test. You won’t forget!


9. Practice with Flashcards

A very well known hack to some, but here is why you should make flashcards while studying: Making flashcards will help you prepare for your test rapidly and adequately. Practicing your study-material aids your brains to think of the material not only as a ‘story’, but as a piece that should be analyzed and questioned. Flashcards can be made, stacked and practiced easily in


10. MindMap away

Some say a golden rule is to hear, feel and see your study material. You hear the material during lectures and from your friends. You feel your study material when you create summaries and flashcards. You can also see your material if you create mind maps. Mind maps are excellent ways of firing up your visual memory, strengthening the material in your long-term memory. Using mind maps, you visualize the structures which helps you remember why one part belongs to the others. Our Pro-Version has a handy, colorful mind map tool that will help you ace your next exam!



Did you just get inspired to hack your studies in 2016? In eFaqt you can find free summaries from other students, or you can create and practice your own summaries. Study faster, remember more, and connect with your study mates! Don’t have an eFaqt account yet? Create a new account in one minute! logo


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