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Study Smarter Crash Course

Study Better. Get Higher Grades!

Learn the tricks of studying effectively and start the new semester with good grades! eFaqt, an online study platform teamed up with InHolland to help you get the most out of your study time!

Video 1: How does the brain work when you study?


Learn how your brain works so that you know how to make the best use of it.  Not everything gets remembered what you pay attention to: the trick is to move information from your short term memory to your long term memory. Check out how to do this trick!

Video 2: How to approach a text book?

How do you start studying a brand new text book? This video explains you the secrets of reading comprehensively and summarising to help you approach your text book super efficiently. Reading the title of the book or the table of contents is not the only step that most students incorrectly skip. Learn how to handle text books that are much harder and longer than the ones you had in high school!

Video 3: Learning with all your senses

Scientists say that the more ways we “code” information in our brain, the easier it will be for us to remember it. For example, seeing your study material in many different formats gives your brain an extra grips to find that information later when you need it. Learn the tricks of using various methods: flashcards & notes (writing),  mindmaps (seeing), and learning from others (hearing).

Video 4: Planning and reviewing your material

Did you know that we forget 70% of everything we read in one day? There is no golden rule about how much time someone should spend reviewing, but there is a lot of research suggesting that the best is to review your material one hour, one day, one week and one month after you first studied it. But reviewing is nothing without knowing how to plan your review sessions!

Video 5: Creating the Winner Mindset & Body

Studying is more than simply creating great summaries. When it comes to how high your exam scores will be, a lot comes down to your mental and physical condition. Health is very much related to how well you can perform. Sleeping, taking breaks, and spending time in the fresh air are key. But they are all nothing without the drive and desire to get what you want!