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Despite the entire buzz that students have created around this controversial topic, nobody has really answered this question yet. When it the most favorable time for studying? Is it at night, when nobody can disturb us or is it in the morning when the mind is fresh, but the distractions play around? The truth is that nobody has answered this question yet because there is no specific answer. Every student is different, which means that some are early birds, and others are night owls. Nevertheless, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to both sides.


Daytime Studying


  • Your body is full of energy
  • Your mind is fresh & ready to absorb new information
  • Natural light will load you with vitamin D & maintain your optimal eyesight
  • You’ll find a lot of friends to study with


  • Distractions may occur at any time and interrupt your study session
  • If you don’t get enough hours of sleep at night, you won’t be any good in the morning


Nighttime Studying


  • Artificial light may disrupt your sleeping cycle
  • You might not get enough sleep


  • Everybody is asleep, and you get to study in peace, without any distractions
  • Studies show that the creative genius may be spurred at night
  • Some studies show that your brain will process the information better if you go to bed after studying
  • According to this study, the brain has a higher concentration rate during the night/ evening

So what kind of lifestyle do you have? Are you an early riser or a night owl?


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