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With the new year coming up, many of us have resolutions we would like to keep, as we want to change for the better every year. However, resolutions can only be kept when one is motivated and persistent.

The first days of January might seem too soon to take life-changing steps, as you are probably still exhausted from celebrating the new year! Below we listed some heart warming and funny movies to get inspired and to prepare mentally for the adventures of 2016. Pick your favourite, sit back, and relax!

This list is made by, to keep up your motivation during studying :)

1. Wild

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Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, walks the Pacific Crest Trail: a 1000 mile journey from Mexico to Canada, to reflect on her troubled past. During her journey you get inspired by her persistence, determination and rekindled spirit!



2. Freedom Writers

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Erin Gruwell is a teacher at a high school with students who are not interested in education due to their troubled background. Gruwell teaches them about tolerance, adjusting themselves, and pursuing education beyond high-school. Get inspired by her determination to make a change!



3. Theory of Everything

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An amazing movie about one of the smartest person on planet earth: Stephen Hawking. While studying in Oxford and Cambridge, he develops groundbreaking theories and battles ALS. As he gradually loses his ability to speak and move, he continues to write and research using modern technology. Hawking shows us what mind over matter truly means!



4. The Imitation Game

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During the World War, Mathematician Alan Turing tries to develop a machine that can crack codes and translate code-language that Germans use to communicate with one another. When the development of his machine seems impossible, his colleagues and supervisors lose faith and trust in Turings capabilities. Turing convinces others to maintain trust and proves them wrong. A must see, if you want to learn about believing in yourself!



5. Legally blonde

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On the subject of proving everybody wrong, Legally Blonde perfectly illustrates what hard work can do, on a light and hilarious note! A light comedy that makes you believe you can be anybody who you want to be :)




6. Cast Away

Though this movie might initially strike you as scary and lonesome, it is inspirational from another perspective: Tom Hanks strands on a deserted island after a plane crash and is forced to be inventive in order to survive. Get inspired by his creative solutions to problems he has never encountered before!



7. Good Will Hunting

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Coming across someone as clever as the main character Will Hunting, could probably put you in the mood to study harder this year. Will Hunting works as a cleaner at Harvard University, when a professor notices his exceptional intelligence. The movie shows how someone talented can reach his full potential. Is 2016 gonna be the year your skills get discovered?


8. The Intern

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A feelgood movie starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway: De Niro enters a senior-internship at age 70, at a thriving internet startup which is run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). Though the movie highlights the development of their unusual friendship, it inspires to be proactive and dare to face challenges. Anne Hathaway plays a vibrant powerful woman who is highly successful due to her passion, precision and willpower. A fun and dynamic movie to get inspired for a successful new year!


9. The Pursuit of Happyness

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Based on a true story, this movie shows the life of a man who goes from being homeless to a billionaire. From being a door to door seller and an unnoticed stockbroker intern to his path to the top, this movie shows you that hard work can get you anywhere in life :)



10. Dead Poets Society 

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Great classic about a teacher who does not go unnoticed and really changes the game! He inspires to read and learn about subjects and topics students don’t seem to be interested in initially. As we all know, not every subject taught at school sparks your interest immediately. However, with an open mind you might get surprised soon!


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