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Students are rich said no student ever. But actually, as students we are not entirely empty-handed, right? Parents often help with financing, you may earn some pocket money with a part-time job, and maybe even get some scholarship which brings in extra cash. Even so, you might still feel that you’re broke. What can you do? You need to find a better way to manage your financials. Here’s how:

Find a better way to manage your financials

First of all, find out what your budget is. For example, add the scholarship to the money you earn at work, plus what your parents send you, plus every other income that you may have. The result should be your stable budget for a semester/ year. Now that you have your budget, you need to set spending limits for each week/month of your academic year.
How much can you afford to lose each week so that you may not exceed your budget and stay in debt? Figure that out, and make sure you stick to your limits.

You also need to prioritize your expenses not to spend your money on irrelevant stuff. Living a cozy, social life on campus can be tempting. But keep in mind your priorities. What are the most urgent things you need to buy – is it that textbook for the Economics class or that pretty blouse you saw at H&M?

Last but not least, you can become a discount hunter. Campuses are usually filled with ads, many of which present discounts for certain shops or activities. Explore the restaurants and shops on your campus and find the best coupons and offers. Not only will they save you a lot of money but they will also prepare you for the real deal – hunting down the best jobs after college.

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