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Student life

Whether you are thinking about going to college or you are already a freshman, I bet you had a hard time deciding where it is better to live your student life – off campus or on campus. One of the main concerns is, of course, the money. We are all looking for the cheapest, yet the best place to stay.

However, it doesn’t come down just to that. There are many other factors that need to be considered when we are choosing our new home as college students. So here are the advantages and disadvantages of living on and off campus.

Living on Campus

living on campus efaqt


  • You meet lots of other students every day
  • All your classes are on campus, probably no more than 15 minutes away
  • You’re the first to find out about the upcoming exciting events
  • You don’t have to manage your utility bills because the monthly rent will cover them
  • Your place will have 24-hour supervision by the campus security


  • The rent may be extremely expensive
  • You may have to share the bathroom with other students
  • You may not have the privacy you are looking for
  • You may have to respect some rules if you’re living with a roommate

Living off Campus

living off campus efaqt


  • For the most part, the rent is pretty cheap, depending on the area
  • You can choose your own roommate (or no roommate at all)
  • You can live by your own rules
  • You don’t have to move out by the end of the year as long as you are still paying the rent
  • It will help you become a responsible young adult


  • The transportation means to your classes may be expensive
  • You don’t have a canteen anymore, so you need to buy groceries and cook your meals
  • You have to manage the utility expenses by yourself, including the Internet connection
  • You may not be as involved in the campus activities anymore

So what did you choose and how has it affected you?


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