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Student life

It’s no myth that students are broke.

Moving to another city or country, paying tuition, buying and cooking our own food, using the public transport every day – they cost a lot. And unless your parents are too rich to care for these expenses, money might be tight.

So here’s what I learned about landing the perfect part-time job:

1. Think of the Job Type that Would Benefit You the Most

The perfect job has to bring two different results: money and expertise that is relevant to your education to show up on your CV. So for instance, if you are studying IT, you could get a part-time job as a website developer.

You can also opt for jobs that don’t give you any experience at all in your chosen domain. This is a great choice if you want to have more time for your studies. You can work in the library, for instance, and you will only have to arrange a few books on the shelves every now and then or sign the papers when a student comes in to borrow something. In the meantime, you can study for your exams and get paid for it. Pretty cool, right?

2. Access the University Job Boards (It’s Free!)

Whether they are posted online or in the hallways, each university should have job boards. Students can easily access those to find working positions on campus either by calling the employers or by leaving their phone numbers along with their skills behind.

3. Ask Around the Departments in Your School

It doesn’t matter if all the positions are occupied. Just go to the department you are interested in, introduce yourself to the students who already work there, and come back from time to time to see if they need you on their team. Some of them might be graduating or simply quitting to concentrate on their studies. Make sure you come back to get your spot!


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