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A new year’s resolution is mostly given up on the 9th of February. February seems to be a tipping point on which 90% gives up on their resolutions, and only 10% carries on for the rest of the year. In our opinion, January isn’t the right month to start doing things right. January is still full of christmas lights, some last new-years drinks and dinners with friends. February is a much more appropriate time to get serious, as the last semester starts! So why not join in on our fabulous February plan! We listed 5 ways for you to keep your resolutions from now to next year :)

New year’s resolution #1: Reflect

To improve, one must reflect. Write up why you think keeping your resolutions were hard in the past, and where it might have gone wrong. Think about how you will do it right the next time!

new year's resolution

New year’s resolution #2: To do or not to do

The definition of a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” It is as simple as that. Formulate a goal, and list everything you should definitely do to obtain it, and everything you definitely should not do!

new year's resolution

New year’s resolution #3: Post it

Post what you should do, and should not be doing. Hang it somewhere you can see it! For instance, on your bedroom door. If you create monthly post-it plans, you can take away post-its once you have completed the tasks! This is a rewarding feeling.

new year's resolution

New year’s resolutions #4: Reward!

The more post-its you get off that wall, the more you are allowed to reward yourself. Research has shown that (small) rewards are the secret to achieving big goals. So go on and make your guilty-pleasures guilt-free by making them worthwhile!

new year's resolution

New year’s resolution #5: Picture it

To keep your resolutions until February 2017, picture it! Motivate yourself by envisioning the good that can come out of your approach toward your responsibilities, dreams and wishes. A year from now, you might have dropped those pounds, or gotten those grades, or ran that marathon. What a bliss!

new year's resolutions

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