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eFaqt interviewed three students from the U.S., the U.K., and Thailand to learn more about study habits in different countries. Check out their responses, and then let us know in the comments where you’re from and how you study!

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Analicia, 16, America

Grade level: High School Junior
Future Major: Nursing
Hobbies: Softball, reading, internet
Favorite Subjects in School: Sports Medicine or English

How do you study/prepare for your tests?
Flash cards and small verbal quizzes between friends are how I prepare for tests. Flash cards are the best way to study, in my opinion, especially when there is a lot of terminology or formulas to remember.

Do you study with friends, or independently? Which works best for you?
I study both with friends and alone. Studying alone helps me figure out what I am not confident in so that I can focus on that area. I study with friends through mini-competitions to see who can get the right answer faster because the competitiveness helps our minds stay alert and focused.

Is getting good grades important to you? Why?
Grades are a reflection of my understanding, so earning good grades in class lets me know how I’m doing in that subject. At my school, excellence is expected since it is a College Preparatory high school. Getting good grades is very important to me because they will help me get into a University and earn my degree in nursing.

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Owain, 26, England

Grade level: University, Senior
Major: Advertising, Media and Graphic Design (Honors Bachelor of Arts)
Hobbies: Cannoning, Football, Socialising, Design.
Favorite subject in school: Advertising and Branding

How do you study/prepare for your tests?
We don’t sit tests; however have in class presentations and subjective essays.
We are given module guides and copies of the Lecture slides to remind us what has been taught then we must research into depth to gain a better understanding of the subject.

How do you study?
I use mindmaps, and always study with friends.I also take notes on the computer, and on my I-Pad.

Do you want to get good grades? Why?
I need to get good grades as I have been offered a job when I leave University providing I achieve a high 2:1 grade (over 68%) or better.

Do you have an internship?
I have three weeks of my Internship left, working for Toyko Industries, to brand and create advertising campaigns for the opening of new clubs and bar across Europe. Working around 48 Hours a week.

Namtarn, 20, Thailand

Major: Airline Business Management (English Program)
Hobbies: Watching movies, chatting on the internet, and reading books
Favorite class: English and Computer Class

How do you study/prepare for your tests?
I try to attend all my classes every time and always be on time to study in study groups.
I use notes, flashcards, mindmaps and summaries to study.

What study advice would you give to students?
My best tip for study is to pay attention in class, and do your homework. This makes tests easier.




How do you study?
Let us know in the comments what study methods work best for you!


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