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Student life

Remember when you were still in high school daydreaming about what university would be like?

Everything seemed new, exotic, and exciting. And when you actually got there, things were not at all as you would imagine them. It’s not that they were bad, just different. So let’s have a look at your college expectations VS the reality you are facing now.

1. Expectation: My room will look absolutely amazing, just like those photos on Tumblr.

tumblr dorm room

Reality: Buying all the pretty decorations probably costs more than my tuition, so…

basic dorm room efaqt

2. Expectation: I’ll eat a whole lot of veggies at every meal to keep fit.

eating veggies efaqt

Reality: I swear they only sell pizza at the canteen!

student eating pizza efaqt

3. Expectation: I’ll do extra work after each class to get the top grades.

studying efaqt

Reality: Trying to finish the initial 500 pages of reading 30 minutes before my class starts.

4. Expectation: I’ll definitely become best friends with my new roommate!


Reality: I haven’t seen my roommate for two days.


5. Expectation: I’m going to take a morning class because I am used to waking up early in high school anyway.


Reality: Who invented 8 o’clock?!



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