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Holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family. However, it can also mean a lot of stress in terms of preparation, planning, and spending all your savings.

In this article we created a 5-course menu with a refreshing drink for those who want to celebrate the Christmas holidays with friends but are tight on budget.  All the courses are based on basic ingredients that you can already find in your kitchen (or in your neighbour’s). The recipes are cheap, yummy and quick – just what any student would need for a fun night with friends! To start, follow the steps below:

Your shopping list from the supermarket

    • Peas, 2000 g: €2.50 / $3
    • Prosecco or fruit juice, 2 bottles: up to €10 / $13
    • Lemon, few pieces: €1 / $1.5
    • Mint, 1 plant: €2 / $3
    • Pesto, 2 pots: €2 / $3
    • Grated cheese, 1 bag: €1.5 / 3$
    • Risotto, 800 g: €4 / $6
    • French cheese: from €1.5 / $2 a piece
    • Chocolate, 3 bars: €1.5 / $3
    • Things from home: Some eggs, milk, flour, sugar, salt, butter, ice, spices, sweets

The amount of ingredients should be enough for 10 people, for less dinner guests, divide the ingredients.



Pre-course: The famous pea soup


  • What you need: Peas, pesto, mint
  • Boil the peas in a pan of hot water.
  • After boiling, empty some water, so there is not much water when you blend the peas.
  • Start blending, and add more water if the soup is too thick. Is it too thin? Add some flour! Hint it with some salt in the end.
  • Finishing touch: 1 teaspoon of pesto and a leaf of mint on top!





Time to say ‘Cheers’


  • What you need: Prosecco or non-alcoholic juice, lemon, ice, sugar
  • Pour prosecco or the fruit juice of your choice in festive glasses or cups. Add lemon juice, sugar, blended ice and voila, the refreshing drink is ready!






The main course: Green Risotto


  • What you need: Risotto rice, grated cheese, peas, pesto, mint, salt
  • Prepare the risotto as stated on the package. This usually means boiling some water and cooking the rice.
  • When the risotto is cooked, add grated cheese and steer the risotto with the cheese till the cheese melts and the risotto becomes sticky.
  • Add cooked peas, pesto, mint, and a pinch of salt!




Delicious Pancakes


  • What you need: 250 g of flour, 2 eggs and 500 ml of milk
  • Blend all ingredients until they become one smooth batter.
  • Poor some batter in the hot pan and bake the pancakes!
  • Look what else you have left in your kitchen to spice them up: cinnamon, peanut butter, nutella and sugar are delicious to add!




The mighty Cheese platter

cheese-platterAs every holiday get-together just seems too cosy to end, it is an absolute necessity to consume ridiculous amounts of French cheese after you think you could not possibly eat anything else in your entire life. Our advice is to buy any cheese you can afford. Cheese can be expensive, but due to the strong taste, you won’t need a lot of them to hit the right spots!





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