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The first year of college is both exciting and frightening for most of us. Although we can’t wait to see what the following years have in store for us, we also can’t help looking back and missing our parents, old friends, siblings, and other relatives.

But it doesn’t mean that we are lonely wolves either. In fact, in college, we find the best friends in the world, who not only help us bare the distance that separates us from our families, but also season our day-to-day lives with excitement, fun, and crazy ideas. If you’ve already meet a bunch of awesome people, you will probably recognize the seven types of friends bellow:

1. The Hot-Mess (A.K.A. me)

hot-mess college student

This is the kind of friend who is always late, no matter how much sleep they get. Most of the time, they are not morning persons, so they get up five minutes before the exam starts. Skipping breakfast, dressing up in yesterday’s clothes, not brushing their hair, and bursting out on the door are common habits of hot messes. Two minutes later, they come back barely breathing to grab their backpacks for class.

And on top of that, when they are almost there, they remember they might not have locked the door. In fact, they didn’t even take the keys. But it’s too late to go back now. The exam has started like seven minutes ago. They quickly sneak to their seat in the back row, grab a piece of paper, and realize they don’t have a pen. And the story goes on.

2. The Overly-Paranoid College Friend

overly paranoid college student

They are the ones who always worry about everything, and they make sure they transmit the feeling to you, as well. For instance, after the exam has finished, all they can talk about is the bad grade they will get. And when the results come, they have the best one in the class. They are always on the run, trying to finish this and that, worrying that they won’t have enough time to take care of everything. And in spite of all this excessive paranoia, these people are usually the most organized and successful students in college.

Ironic, isn’t it?

3. The Drama Queen

drama queen college student

Drama Queens are the opposite of Overly-Paranoids. They make a big deal out of the most insignificant situations, and they make sure everybody gets to hear them out. Was the supermarket out of milk? Oh, my God, you won’t believe what happened today! The teacher didn’t pick me to answer the question? I can’t believe he did that, can you imagine?

And it goes on and on.

4. The Nay-Sayer

nay-sayer college student

These are the types of friends who contradict most of the things we say. Moreover, they rarely agree to the plans we suggest, and they emphasize the things they don’t like, instead of the ones they do. A conversation with a nay-sayer would go like:

“Hey, want to get some pizza?”

“Do you know how many calories you get from that? No, thanks.”

“I know, but you still like it, don’t you?”

“No. I’ve never said that.”

“I’m pretty sure we ate pizza yesterday.”


5. The Party Animal

party animal college student

This is the friend who lives to party. He doesn’t mind skipping classes after a great night out, and when he comes back, he fills your head with all sort of crazy stories that happened in the club. Although the stories are usually the same, they go on telling you about them over and over again. Seriously, somebody should introduce this party lover to Twitter.

6. The Rock Star

rock star college student

There has to be at least one rock band in college. The Rock Star is exactly what it is – an awesome singer who is always in the spotlight meeting new people. In fact, he knows so many students that you can’t get to the other side of the campus without bumping into at least ten strangers who want to ask him what’s up.

7. The Know-It-All

know-it-all college student

It’s the friend who seems to know everything about anything. Such people take the best grades and don’t put much effort into studying for exams. They are just naturally smart, and they take full advantage of this trait. And why wouldn’t they? Plus, everybody loves them, whether it’s the other students or even the teachers. They always have their words with them, and they know how to tell a good joke. In other words, the nickname of this kind of friend is Tyrion Lannister.


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