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Aren’t you tired of the same old criticism? You know, things like:

• Your generation is addicted to smartphones…
• You are always wasting time on that stupid phone!
• Today’s teens are living in a virtual reality.

In some ways, they are right. But at the same time, they have no idea what they are talking about.

I mean, yes, there are some of us who only use our phones to check Facebook, Tweet or take selfies. But I prefer not to generalize. Because chances are, such students probably don’t know how smartphones can make their lives better.

And I am telling you this from personal experience. It was only a year ago when I found different useful apps on the Internet that now I can’t live without. Somehow, I am sure there are other students who can relate.

And if you’re among them, here are seven ways your smartphone can ease your day-to-day struggle to keep up with your busy student life:

1. Stay Fit with 7 Minutes of Daily Workout

Yes, you’ve read well. If you’re not much of an athletic student, you probably don’t work out as much as you should. And if you do, you only do it in your free time because going to the gym, exercising, and returning home take a lot of time.

But the 7-Minute app can put an end to wasting time. There are four different types of workout programs available, and all of them will work your entire muscular system in only seven minutes per day. The app also comes with a calendar, and it sends daily notifications to remind you to do your exercises.


2. Eat and Drink at the Perfect Time with These Apps

Do you remember those days in which you were so busy studying that you often forgot to eat or drink? I do. And it’s not a good habit at all. However, using Water Drink Reminder and Meal Reminder apps has helped me overcome this challenge.

Moreover, both these apps are customizable. You can set a daily or weekly goal along with your current weight, and based on how much you consume you will be able to notice the changes. Similar to 7-Minute, these two apps will also send notifications to let you know you when it’s time to eat or drink.

exam tip

3. Plan Your Day to Perfection

Smartphones are excellent ways to prioritize our daily tasks and kill our heavy workloads. Even if we don’t have a cool app to help us, we still have a calendar at our disposal. But we might as well use a customizable planner, such as Planner Plus so that we may see which tasks are the most important, what upcoming events we have to go to (such as courses, classes or even exams), and what personal notes we made during the day.

Each time we finish a matter, we can cross it out to feel the freedom of an empty to-do list, and still be able to see how many of them we managed to accomplish.

to do list

4. Study Efficiently and Get Better Results

Working smart and working hard go hand in hand. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep preaching it because this is the most effective way to becoming a successful student. And our free app, eFaqt, allows you to do so by helping you out along the way.

While we have a lot of available courses for students, you can either create your own mind maps/ flash cards or import from the crowd. However, only the PC version of eFaqt is the creation lab. If you also use the smartphone version of the app, you can take these notes with you everywhere you go!

teacher of today

5. Cut Your Anxiety Loose for Good

Anxiety has become a major problem for many students today. And unfortunately, most of us haven’t learned how to handle this negative feeling yet. The worst part about it? It can strike at random whether you are in the classroom, in the school yard or even during your final exams.

In such situations, what you can do is ask for permission to go to the bathroom and quickly get rid of anxiety with the help of Pacifica. The app is gold for anybody who struggles with both physical and mental health. It guides your way towards healing through meditation, relaxation programs, as well as communities in which you can discuss with other people about your problems.


6. Sharpen Your Brain with the Exciting Games of Two Apps

As much as it helps us improve ourselves, the school should not be our only source of information. We should always seek for more, question everything, and find out useful things on our own, which is why I enjoy playing with Peak and Elevate, two apps that improved the abilities of my brain over the time.

Both of them feature exciting games that challenge the memory, quick reactions, problem-solving skills, and more, which will eventually become sharper without you even noticing.


7. Get Motivated to Reach Your Goals & Implement New Habits

Admit it. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything at all, no matter how much you enjoy being productive. Whenever I feel this way, I unlock my phone and use the Fabulous app. Not only does it challenge me to work on my daily goals, but it also motivates me to finish my tasks by sending inspiring notifications on the main screen.

Cool Apps for Students

Plus, it allows me to set my morning, afternoon, and evening routines, and to pick new habits that I want to implement in my life. In other words, excuses are irrelevant, and Fabulous keeps telling me why whenever I use it.

You can find all these apps on Google Play and iTunes for free. However, to get full access to some of them (such as eFaqt or Pacifica), you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription – only if you want to get the most out of them.

By using the cool apps above, you’ll develop a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be more productive, and you’ll find more free time in which you can have fun with your friends and family.


Are you ready to accept the challenges these apps have for you? In eFaqt you can find free summaries from other students, or you can create and practice your own summaries. Study faster, remember more, and connect with your study mates! Don’t have an eFaqt account yet? Create a new account in one minute! logo


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