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You’ve heard of them. Those students who have known what they wanted to be when they grew up before they were even born. “I’m going to be a neurosurgeon,” they say proudly.”And I will work so hard to achieve my goal.” “All you have to do is know what you want.” Meanwhile, you’re staring in bewilderment, pounding your head, and thinking of how you should start planning your future. In fact, you are afraid that you will spend the next years wasting precious time on some miserable job, just to pay the bills. But it’s not that you don’t have any talents. It’s not that you don’t like any domain. And it’s not that you are not good enough for any of them.

Your problem is simple.

You either have too many career options to choose from, or you have too little.  But if you follow the steps below, you will learn to prioritize what makes you happy, and therefore, find your career path.

Planning your future #1: Review all the Subjects You Study in School

You certainly have many classes at school, but you probably enjoy only some of them.

Your mission is to separate the courses that you can’t wait to attend from the ones you would rather skip. Make a list of all the subjects you study, cross off the ones you don’t like at all, and circle the ones which stir your curiosity each time you attend them.

It is important that you start dealing with what you already have. The school is an excellent opportunity for you to study. If you feel that it can help you, you’d better not waste this chance.

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 Planning your future #2: Get Inspired by Others’ Work and Ideas

You may not know your next move in your career, but networking will give you a hint. As a student, you should go to such events as often as you can. Not only will you meet influential people from different domains, but you will also exchange ideas with other students who are in the same situation as you.

Plus, the diversity of jobs there will give you more perspectives to consider.

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Planning your future #3: Become Your Mentors’ Shadow

Job Shadowing is a popular and efficient method of learning. Simply make a list of people you admire who work in positions that seem interesting to you, and ask whether you can follow them around during the day.


Because talking about a job and doing it are two different things. Through job shadowing, you can spend a day in the life of whoever you want, and see what it feels like to have the same work as them.

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Planning your future #4: Do Your Own Thing

You have studied the market. You have also researched the subjects you learned in school. But somehow, nothing appeals to you as much as it should.

And yet, you have this brilliant idea that runs through your thoughts almost every day. So, then, why don’t you start working on it?

You can work as an entrepreneur just as well as you can work for Companies and Corporations. There are thousands of courses online on this matter, and there are many experienced people in this domain who can help you out along the way.


Planning your future #5: Broaden Your Horizon with Extra-Curricular Activities

The college has a vast range of courses of all kinds. However, there is always room for more. Even if you have no idea what other classes to try, this shouldn’t stop you from diversifying your preferences.

For instance, reach out to private courses, foundation courses, or even student exchange programs. Sign up for activities that you haven’t tried before, and maybe one of them will be the one you are seeking. If you don’t set off to find your passion, frankly, you will never have it.

extracu planning your future




Planning your future #6: Look for Crossovers

If you have tried all of the above, you must have got rid of the “too little options” problem. However, having too many options is also an issue as it induces the Analysis Paralysis phenomenon.

The phrase describes a situation in which your decision-making process diminishes when you are facing too many opportunities. It happens in many aspects of life, such as shopping in a massive supermarket with thousands of products at your disposal.

But it also applies to your career finding problem.

And yet, you can do something about it – finding the crossovers.

For instance, let’s say you enjoy both writing and public speaking. Bring these two passions together and form a sole job out of them. If you choose to become a professional public speaker or keynote speaker, you will also write your engaging speeches instead of hiring a writer to do it for you.

crossover planning your future


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