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For us, students, it can be hard to find motivation when we need it most. However, we do have a secret weapon that will determine us to take action provided that we know how to use it properly.

Believe it or not, I am talking about competition.

As frightening and stressful as it may be for some of us, competition is one of the most important tools that help us develop ourselves not only in high school and college but also later in life.

The thing is… we have to make sure that we use it to our advantage, not against us. And if you haven’t learned how to handle it yet, this may be the reason why you are so stressed and tired.

To see what you can do about it, simply follow the tips below.

  1. Don’t Push too Hard

Do you know that guy who is always panicked, always on the run, always working, and who happens to be the leader of the group? He never goes out with you and your friends, and if he did, he wouldn’t be talking about anything else than work and school.

The only thing that matters to him is to be the best. Always.

Don’t be that guy.

Not only is he driving the others crazy with his behavior, but he is also driving himself crazy.

And yes, pushing your limits is good when you want to achieve something. But this doesn’t mean that you should lose your health over it. Instead, try to find a balance between working hard and having fun, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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  1. Take Some Time off

You may not be that guy I was talking about, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the same way from time to time.

To avoid a dangerous crash, you should distance yourself from everything for a while. Whether it is one week, one day, or even one hour, some free time can do wonders to a stressed mind.

Among other fun activities that you want to do, you should include hydrating yourself, exercising, and meditating.

Andy yes, I know.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably feel guilty for “wasting” precious time.

But, in reality, you are doing yourself a favor. Working for too long will decrease your productivity, and will make you feel worse and worse.   

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  1. Switch Your Perspective

Depending on how you feel about yourself, you can either underestimate your competitors or overestimate them. It will not happen voluntarily, but it will happen.

When you underestimate the competition, you think that you are better than them. Now, this may be true. But it might as well be false. Either way, you are not going to use your full potential because you know that whatever you do, your results will be better than the competitors’.

Yet, what if they won’t be? Maybe you don’t know your competitors as much as you think you do.

The same goes for overestimating them, except that, this time, it means that you don’t trust yourself enough, and you think it’s impossible for you to do a better job than they will.

You don’t know that either.

You are just as capable of coming up with a brilliant idea as they are. The only thing that stands between you and that idea is your negative thinking.

So, try to see those competitors in a neutral way. In other words, switch your perspective and focus on what you have to do rather than what they will do. Simple as that.

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  1. Learn How to Control Your Emotions

Let’s be real.

We all feel a little envious towards that classmate who did better than us on a test, who has just been elected as a leader or whose projects are always mind-blowing.

It’s not that he doesn’t deserve the appreciation. It’s just… we wish we did too.

At the same time, it’s not something to be proud of, but it happens. Inevitably.

However, it is important that you recognize the feeling and try to diminish it as much as possible.


Because you should be friends with your competitors. You should genuinely compliment them when you appreciate their hard work. And instead of feeling intimidated by their success, you should study how they did it so that you may do better in the future.

If you choose to neglect such negative feelings, not only will they build up a wall of negativity between you and the others, but they will also come back to you, creating a harsh environment in which nobody would want to work. Including you.

control your emotions

  1. Winning Is Not Everything

When we are in competition with others, the ultimate goal seems to be clear: win or go home.

However, I think the experience is a lot more important. If you did not get the highest score on a project or if your team did not win, it’s all right.

Why? Because now, you and your teammates are a little bit smarter.

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