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I will not make any new friends in college.

That is probably the number one thought that crosses the minds of so many freshman students. Whether you can recall the terrifying idea or you are here simply out of curiosity, today you’re going to learn how to be a magnet for friends. Here’s how to do it:

1.Challenge Yourself to Meet Someone New Every Day

Whether you meet a new guy from the journalism class, a diligent professor or the cook at the campus canteen, you will have a great chance to make a friend for life. Plus, not only will this challenge force you to get out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers but it will probably make you the most popular student around.

2.Join a Sorority/ Fraternity

Being part of a sorority or fraternity is one of the most exciting experiences as a college student. You will always be surrounded by social events, your grades will improve, and guess what – you’ll make lots and lots of new friends. ?

3.Become the Most Charismatic Person You Know

Believe it or not, charisma is a skill that anybody can learn. And there are multiple choices when it comes to studying it. You can read books, analyze and observe the behavior of other charismatic people or watch videos about it. For more info, check out Charisma on Command on YouTube!

4.Wear Your Confidence Everywhere

What makes you feel powerful? Is it a dress? A watch? Makeup? Or is it something more profound, like being a master at certain skills or a know-it-all? Whatever it is, make sure you always have it with you. People will always gravitate around other confident people. And you can be one of them.

5.Be Helpful and Kind

Pretty easy, right? Offering a helping hand, keeping the smile on your face, and treating others with sympathy will definitely bring new awesome friends into your life. So stay positive and enjoy the ride! ?


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