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Do you ever think your student life is way too hard? We all do. However, what you will find out about the following exams will make you change your mind forever. HAVO, SAT or college exams? A piece of cake!

5. BAR

The Californian BAR is a three-day exam which can decide whether a person is qualified to practice law. While in college, professors test the students’ knowledge of the law, the BAR examiners test their practical and analytical skills. The exam includes six one-hour essays, two three-hour performance exams, and 200 multiple choice questions.


The National Higher Education Entrance Examination in China lasts about 9 hours over a period of two days, and students take this exam in order to go to college.  Probably the most difficult parts of this terrifying exam are the essay and the math questions. The essay titles are different from anything you have ever had on a test (e.g. ‘Nostalgia for the heavens’), and the math questions… you don’t even want to know.


Mensa is the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world. To join this society, you need to take an exam and score at or above 98%. The examination has multiple choice questions which test you in different disciplines like verbal, mathematical, spatial, analytical skills.

2. All Souls Praise Fellowship

This exam is conducted by the Oxford University in London and is necessary to gain a fellowship at the University. The reason why it is so complicated is that the questions are quite vague, and the essay topics consist of only one word. Only one or two people pass this exam every year.

1. Master Sommelier Diploma

This one is definitely known as the most difficult exam in the world, and only 200 people have passed it since it was introduced, 40 years ago. The whole process is based on three examinations: theory, service, and blind tasting. Most of the candidates manage to pass the first two but often fail the blind tasting test. They receive six wines and have to identify the grape, the region it came from and the year it was made.


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