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“A well-formed blog is like a resume that’s constantly updating itself.” There’s no news that blogging has become extremely popular among students, especially the ones at college. Writing is now an important skill that is required in many contemporary domains. Owning and managing a personal student blog gives us the chance to refine this skill and to send our ideas out into the world. However, the benefits are more numerous than you may think.


1. It Gives You Expertise in a Specific Niche

You can literally write about anything on your blog regardless of whether you are an expert in that domain or not. At first, you start by doing a lot of research and by sharing the information with other students. Think about it. If you write one article every week, in a year you’d have 52 articles published on your blog. In time, this will prove that you know what you are talking about so readers and possible employers will really take you seriously.

Plus, when you teach somebody a lesson you’ve just studied, it gives you the opportunity to remember it really well. In other words, you can become an expert in that specific niche sooner than you may think.


2. Broaden Your Skills

Blogging does not resume to just writing. Usually, managing a popular blog requires high-quality and attractive images, surprising info graphs, entertaining videos, cool banners etc. Unless you have money to pay somebody to do them for you, you need to learn how to do them yourself. There are certain tools and skills that you need to master, such as HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator etc.

At first, they may seem intimidating, but if you stick to the study, you will become a valuable employee for many businesses out there.


3. Learn How to Market Yourself

After publishing a blog post, readers will not rush to check it out unless you reach out to them first. In other words, you need to advertise your blog so that it approaches the right target audience which will, later on, become your online community.

Although marketing is a vast domain, you can learn a lot of useful tricks to attract users to your new website. How else would you stand a chance among the thousands of blogs on the web?

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