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The end of exam week calls for “way to real” exam memes you can totally relate to! We listed 15 exam memes that perfectly describe the end of any exam week.

You know it is the end of your exam week when…..

1. When you feel like a newborn baby

exam memes

Clean, fresh and shaved after long days (weeks)..


2. You feel sooo free!

exam memes

Freedom feels just so good!


3. When you feel like you’re on the top of the world

exam memes

You have made it, and you’re simply the coolest!


4. When you see the sunlight again

after examblr

And you feel like a true cavemen.


5. When everybody gives you this look

 exam memes

Cheers from Leo!


6. When your after exam nap takes really long

exam memes

And you throw out all of your alarms..



7. When your friends throw you a “welcome back to life” party

exam memes

“Wait guys, I am coming!”


8. When you feel like a true warrior

exam memes

You came back from Mordor!


9. When you feel a miracle happened

exam memes

Keep it cool though!


10. When your acyually sleep like in a Disney Movie

exam memes

You sleep like a Disney princess.


10. When you already won

exam memes

Look at me! ;)


11. When your squad gives you this look as you enter the bar

exam memes

And you know it is going to be one of those nights..


12. Your friend gives you this look

exam memes

And you know exactly what your BFF means!


13. When it feels like confetti rain falling everywhere

exam memes

Everything is just so pretty!


14. When you exit your college like thisexam memes

Knowing you won’t be back for quite some time!


15. When everything you taste feels 100 times better

exam memes

This is the best day of your life.


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