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Student life

Do you know that moment when, suddenly, you are not a child anymore and responsibilities come into your life like a hurricane? As students, we know exactly how overwhelming it can be. Why?

Because we are supposed to know how to “adult”. The problem is that we genuinely don’t. Therefore, the first step we are all trying to do towards this necessity is trying to balance our lives. But there is one thing that nobody has warned us about yet. Before we succeed, we will fail miserably.

1. As future adults, we know we have to give up sleeping in and stop avoiding that geometry class.


2. Sure, we’ll make it work once or twice. But the other 15 times?


3. There is a time in our lives when we have to choose between looking good and eating food.


4. We’ll probably choose both, meaning that we will still eat a lot, but while feeling guilty about it.


5. And one day, we’ll have to say no to Netflix for good.


6. But today is not that day.


7. Also, we have to stop going out so often for the sake of the billion things that we have to do.


8. Let’s be serious. Our friends aren’t just going to buy that.


9. We could try to stop buying so many unnecessary things.


10. Huh? What was I saying?


11. Okay, okay, we got to start saving some cash.


12. After all, bills do have to be paid, eventually.


13. Or we could simply get a part-time job.


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