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Meet one of the valentine’s day contest winners; Shari van der Weiden!

Like probably many of you have heard, eFaqt had a valentine’s day Facebook-contest. Two lucky winner could give a friend the gift of knowledge! (1-year-Unlimited)

One of those lucky friends is Shari van der Weiden.

Shari has been a member of eFaqt since November 6th, 2016. Though she hasn’t used eFaqt a lot, she says this will change since she can now use all the Unlimited features that eFaqt Unlimited offers!

Shari goes to school at the ROC ID College in Gouda where she studies Financial administrating. Facebook isn’t unfavorable to her as well, it did not only help Shari win the Unlimited subscription, it was also the place where Shari heard of eFaqt for the first time.

Her first impression of eFaqt was positive, the layout wasn’t difficult and the different features were quickly understood. This worked out perfectly because Shari was done with writing down everything she heard that day. In eFaqt she can type this information and immediately make flashcards and notes from it. This saves a lot of work.

Another great feature, in Shari’s opinion, is the practice app for the tablet and phone. Because of this she can practice in the train without breaking her back with loads of (note)books. The way she uses eFaqt suits her needs. At school she uses her laptop to convert the information into flashcards and notes, which she studies on her phone. This way she doesn’t need 10 notebooks!

Shari does not know yet what feature of eFaqt she likes the most. She feels like she hasn’t used eFaqt enough to give a definite answer. However, she realizes that the phone app is a handy tool for students who want to get better grades because the app is an easy way to study while you’re on the road.

Shari, we are very happy to give you your Unlimited subscription! We, at eFaqt, hope that you will use our platform a lot and that your grades will change accordingly.


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