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We are always very happy to hear success stories from students who managed to improve their academic results by studying with eFaqt. However, today’s article is from a student who already was successful and accomplished in his studies when he found eFaqt.

Meet Sander Kroep, who studies Bsc. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Twente, and who also happens to be Director of Corporate Relations at one of the largest international student organizations, ESTIEM.

eFaqt: Why did eFaqt attract your attention?

Sander: I first heard about eFaqt during a student conference in Vienna. I have always been ambitious and achieved high grades in my studies but due to my current position at ESTIEM and my passion to travel I started to struggle with time pressure. Sometimes I have to miss my classes and although I was used to already study with self-made summaries, creating traditional summaries took me a lot of time. That’s why I got curious about the way one can create summaries in eFaqt.

eFaqt: How do you normally make your summaries?

Sander: I make my summaries while I’m reading my books. During lecture I take notes on paper and at home I open my textbook, read the chapters and then I create short notes and flashcards about the key concepts. I do it continuously throughout the semester.

eFaqt: What are your favorite features?

Sander: Well, I really like that I can share and exchange summaries with friends. Me and my roommate follow the same studies and we often exchange summaries, and push each other to study harder with eFaqt.

eFaqt: What could improve your study experience?

Sander: I think it would be interesting if I could interact more with my professors in eFaqt, but so far I don’t know which teachers use eFaqt in my university.


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