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There is a theory saying that “if you spend 10 000 hours on any subject, you will be the master of it.” At eFaqt, we also have an elite club of the users with the magic number of 10 000. This is the league of the hero users, who have created more than 10 000 flashcards or notes.

Top User of the Year

Every January, the student with the most eFaqt cards created will become the top user of the year. In 2016, our most active user was Ingeborg de van der Schueren. Since we don’t meet somebody such an incredible performance every day, we asked Ingeborg to tell us about what motivated her to make 10 373 flashcards with eFaqt’s study platform.


“ The first time I have tried eFaqt was a few years ago. In the last year of high school, a friend of mine suggested me to try the study platform to better prepare for the final exams. When I started to use eFaqt, I was really surprised. Studying with the platform was completely different than how I used to study by myself. I started to read the text in my books from a different perspective, questioning what’s relevant and how concepts are connected.  

After succeeding in my high school finals, I have continued my studies in the field of Medicine at the University of Utrecht. Currently, I’m in the second year of my studies, so there is still a lot to go in terms of exams. In the last four years I have gotten used to studying with eFaqt a lot. I usually take my own notes during the lectures, read my textbooks and summarize the key points in my eFaqt account. Then I go through my summaries just before the exams. There is a feature that I find particularly useful: the concentration alert starts to buzz when I am about to lose focus. This’s a good trick to make sure I stay on track with time.

I think eFaqt really helps me to keep my grades high. I’m not sure what my grades would be without using it! ”

p.s.: Here is a little photo of the victory cake & we hope she will find even more joy in studying with a year long gratis eFaqt Unlimited subscription!

Do you have a story? We are happy to feature it (in English or Dutch). Get in touch with us via!

We feel very happy and honored to have users like Ingeborg, and hope to continue motivating you also in 2017! The sky is the limit, so join the ranks of 130 000 students who work hard on their dream & goals!


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