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Studying is probably not the most exciting activity in life. Especially not when we are young, and full of ideas how to spend time in different ways. Each and every student has different techniques to cope with challenging courses and exams. Today, we would like to introduce a student who we are very proud of at eFaqt.

Let’s see how Sophie Tichelaar studies with eFaqt: She is our record holder with the most flashcards created among nearly 100 000 students!

The first time Sophie heard of eFaqt was during one of her lectures, at the University of Groningen, three years ago:

“I remember someone talking about eFaqt as a study tool, and I thought it was interesting to me, so I decided to give it a try. During high school I had some troubles with studying. Despite the long hours of studying, I had a difficult time to stay focused and to remember the materials. Also, I wanted to get higher grades in my studies.”

How do you use eFaqt for studying?
Usually I use eFaqt at home, when I am preparing for an exam. During lecture I take notes in a Word document, and later before the exams, I turn my notes into eFaqt flashcards. I also create notes and flash cards from my study books. eFaqt helps me a lot to stay focused, and see what is the truly important message in my study materials. This way I can avoid to wast time studying small, unimportant side notes.

What features of eFaqt do you use most often?
I usually only use the flashcards, and not so much the mindmap, but it is simply due to the lack of time. Besides, I would be really happy to receive notifications on my iPhone when it is time to study. So I would feel the urge to get back to studying when it is time!


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