Python for Informatics Exploring Information

by (2013)
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Samenvatting - Python for Informatics Exploring Information

  • 1 Why should you learn to write programs?

  • What is a program?
    I don't know the explanation yet
  • 1.2 Computer hardware

  • What are the basic hardware necessary for a computer?
    - CPU (Central Processing Unit)
    - Internal memory (RAM: Random Access Memory) is fast
    - Input devices (keyboard mouse)
    - Output devices (screen)
    - External memory (HDD SSD) Is permanent and rather slow
  • 1.3 Understanding programming

  • What is python?
    - A programming language
    - a way that we communicate
  • Examples of programming languages

  • Who invented python and why?
    Guido van Rossum, to make it an easy language, to start to learn programming
  • What is the reason for naming the programming language python?
    it was named after a famous british comedy show. It resembles a certain fun and playfullness
  • syntax errors what is it?
    A response a computer will give you if it does not understand what you are "saying" (they are very literal)
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Example questions in this summary

What is a program?
What are the basic hardware necessary for a computer?
What is python?
Examples of programming languages
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