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Everyone can achieve great things with the right support! eFaqt is an online platform where students can prepare for their courses and exams with smart, interactive summaries. They can create, exchange and practice their summaries, while they get support to study fast and effectively!

It is very easy to join our Affiliate Program. Simply subscribe to the affiliate program. Then you can start sharing eFaqt’s offer with your network and we’ll pay you a commission of €10 for every user who buys one of our paid subscriptions.


Step by step

Watch the quick tutorials below or simply download our detailed, step by step guide for working with Tapfiiate.

1. Subscribe to the affiliate program

Go to and fill out your name, email address and password. NOTE: If you were invited by someone else to the program (e.g. your main organization, a friend etc.) then make sure you create your account with the link you were given :)


Once you have subscribed you need to wait to be approved by our staff. We reserve the right to select applications.

After sign up, you will be redirected to your dashboard, the place where you can overview all activities e.g. the number of visits, conversions, commissions you have earned, and upcoming payments.

The first time the dashboard will show “0” everywhere because no data have been tracked yet for your account. All the tables will be updated after you get approved and start to do promotion.



2. Wait for approval

While you are waiting for the approval email, grab a coffee or tea and relax. We review the list of affiliation requests daily, except during the weekend.


3. Share your link and earn money

Once approved, you will receive an email with your unique link ready to be shared to let you earn money. Copy it and send it as a message to your contacts or use other creative ways such as banners, social media posts etc. Here you can find some examples and ready-to-share resources! Good luck & Thank you for joining the eFaqt Affiliate network!

Be creative to find the best way to promote eFaqt in your circles and enjoy your new income!


4. Invite others to join your team

Every person who subscribes to our affiliate program receives two links: one main link to promote eFaqt’s paid subscriptions and one link to recruit sub-promoters. The great thing about recruiting sub-promoters is that when they make a sale, you will receive €2 every time, while they can still earn the full €10. Read more about how it works in our step by step guide for working with Tapfiiate.

Join the eFaqt Affiliate community & promote better education!

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