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“Why would you do all the hard studying alone? Find, make and share summaries of your text books and course materials with your friends via eFaqt’s online study platform! Connect to your friends and class mates & save time preparing for your exams! Sign up at www.efaqt.com!”

“Everything you need to ace your exams: Get your study habits in shape & access high quality book summaries via eFaqt’s online study platform. Join 100 000 students and study smarter at www.efaqt.com!”

“eFaqt’s smart study methods help you write perfect summaries, manage your time & memorise things in a fun way. Study your eFaqt summaries on any device & make use of thousands of available summaries! Learn more at www.efaqt.com.”


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“eFaqt is an online platform that helps students of any background become more successful in their studies. How? You can access thousands of summaries made by other students or create your own summaries from scratch. No more long and boring PDF’s: use interactive summaries with quick notes, images, flashcards and mindmaps!

eFaqt supports you at every step: starting from reading your textbook to summarising and reviewing the material at the right times. It uses science-based methods to ensure that every minute you spend studying is super effective. You will feel productive and more confident, knowing that you have done your best to ace your upcoming exam!

But of course, studying can still be overwhelming…especially before the finals.  So why would you do it all alone? Connect to your friends and make summaries together. And to make your life really easy, you can use the eFaqt app to practice your summaries on any device or even print them! 

Let’s study smarter!

Sign up for eFaqt & find plenty of cool study tips at www.efaqt.com!”


Email template

“Hi <>,

Would you like to get better grades this semester?

eFaqt is an online platform that helps you study better and become more successful in your studies! Find thousands of summaries from other students or create your own summaries and let eFaqt take care of the rest!

What can you do with eFaqt?

  • Join the community of 100 000 smart students
  • Share summaries with your friends and class mates
  • Build great study habits e.g. become more focused & organised
  • Feel more confident and relaxed during your exams
  • Study your summaries anywhere, on any device

Study smarter!

Learn more about eFaqt and get inspired at www.efaqt.com!”

eFaqt explainer video

You can request the video file in email via hello@efaqt.com.

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