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10 Days Online 

Study Crash course


Learn the most essential study methods and succeed with your studies!

For 10 days you will receive 1 study tip every day that you can practice at your own pace

Day 1: Turn your study schedule upside down

Day 2: The secret lies in your syllabus

Day 3: What only A-grade students read in a book

Day 4: Your notes tell how well you read

Day 5: Ask the right questions to give the right answers

Day 6: Connect terms and ideas visually

Day 7: Optimise your review strategy

Day 8: Why your friends can help you study so much better

Day 9: Have a break, optimise your concentration

Day 10: You are ready to conquer the world of studying

What is eFaqt?

eFaqt is an online study platform where interactive, high quality study summaries meet smart methods to help students ace their exams! Less stress, more focus & self-confidence. Join the trusted community of 100 000+ international students!

Join the community with 100 000+ awesome students worldwide, and study smarter today!

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