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Study smarter with great summaries, memorise everything faster, and manage your time more easily!


Create flashcards by formulating questions and answers about the material, and flip them to boost your memorisation.


Visualise the structure of your materials, understand how ideas relate to each other and benefit from your own creativity.

Concentration alerts

When you become distracted, you’ll get an alert to help you stay focused during your study sessions.


Create notes and mark the most important keywords in your material for playful practicing.

Comprehension questions

Answer short reading comprehension questions to easily understand and remember what you read in each chapter or unit.

Review reminders

Review your notes & flashcards on time and make sure you remember everything you studied.

Practice app

Practice your summaries when and where it is most comfortable for you with the eFaqt practice app! Available for iOS and Android.

Study session timer

Set the intensity of your study sessions, and maintain your concentration by taking breaks at the perfect time.

Print summaries

Read your summary easily anywhere, even when you are offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at common questions asked by others.

Who can use eFaqt?
Students of any age, education level, or study type can use eFaqt to improve their study skills. Most of our users are:

  • Primary school students – Children get started with studying in the best way possible, by nurturing important life skills right from the beginning. By making studying an interactive experience with mindmaps and reviewing tools, the pupils can grow to love and enjoy learning.
  • High school students – Young students learn how to make the most out of their study time while they confidently prepare for key exams, including entry exams for their dream university.
  • University students – University students often have to cope with highly advanced study materials while they have to manage their education fully independently. eFaqt is an ideal tool for them to manage their transition from high school and ensure they succeed at their studies.
  • Teachers – Educators of any level can use eFaqt to prepare study materials for their students, which the students can study at home individually or in the class room together. eFaqt allows a variety of creative ways to teach: engage underperforming students, let your best students shine, flip the class room or help your students self-test their knowledge.
Who can I talk to if I have problems?
You can send a direct email to In case your request cannot be solved by the support staff, you can reach out to the management of eFaqt via email (Christiaan Henny, We always try to reply you within 3 working days.
What is the subscription term and notice period?
For monthly users: If you cancel before the last day of the month, the cancellation will go effective at the end of that month and you won’t be charged again. We charge in the beginning of each month. For yearly users: You need to cancel your subscription before one year has passed since the date you first subscribed. We charge again automatically in the beginning of the yearly subscription renewal.
Which study skills will eFaqt help me develop?
eFaqt is different from other study tools because it is not based on one popular method or way of learning: it helps you become more successful at studying by improving a whole range of study habits. eFaqt helps you to develop all these study skills:

  • Learn to structure and organise
  • Reading and writing better
  • Stronger and faster memory
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Focusing

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