Successful children

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Higher grades

Most children have difficulties when it comes to studying alone. eFaqt helps your child to manage his/her study sessions and successfully prepare for any class and exam.

Life skills

eFaqt teaches students how to read and write comprehensively and how to manage their limited time. These study skills enable your child to become independent and successful.

Family time

eFaqt makes studying more fun and productive, so children feel less stressed when it comes to learn new things. As a parent you can see what your child struggles with and give the best support you can.

Studying made simple

1. Children learn structure

Children can create summaries from flashcards, notes or even mindmaps that help them understand the big picture, so they have a much easier time to learn the details!

2. Review smart, not hard

Children review their summaries in a playful and brain-boosting way which helps them remember much more, with less stress!

3. Keep an efficient schedule

Children get reminded when it is time to review their summaries or take a break! This is a perfect way to help them stay on track and get ready for their exam, from day one!

What do students think?

Being able to create my materials online instead of hard, paper copies made the process of studying so much smoother and quicker. No longer did I have to spend a huge amount of my time on creating my summaries. Regan


I am very satisfied with eFaqt, it works perfectly for me. Before eFaqt I had a lot of stress with learning. I never got grades above 6.5. The first grade I got for my exam after studying with eFaqt was an 8.9. Since that all my grades are above 7. Frenky