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Some new users find it difficult to understand the time dynamics of eFaqt. They ask us: “Why do I have to choose such a rigid studying schedule? Wouldn’t it be better if I just structure my learning according to my own time and feel?” This is a very good question. The answer is that by limiting yourself, you get less results (see the cool video at the end of this post).

Strange as it sounds, our mind dislikes choice. It puts it in cognitive stress and requires a lot of resources. That is why representational politics work so well: we delegate many choices to the elected officials and limit our own choice to which ballot to cast.

The same goes to studying: when do you start and when do you stop your study session? Take a break now or later? Grab a coffee or go for a soda? All these are choices, burdening the already-burdened-with-studying brain. By eliminating interruptions, by creating a flow of structured work-rest-work cycle, you eliminate the problem of outside thoughts intruding on your study session. By setting your studies into a structure, you gain stability, concentration, and understanding.


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