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eFaqt is all about using technology to positively affect the way we study, better ourselves and learn new skills in a rapidly changing world. That is why I was delighted to find a course on simulations and games in education online at the MIT comparative media studies oped course directory. The 2009 course is completely open to the public, with it’s syllabus, reading lists, and even projects gallery.

I have previously elaborated how technologies are both a threat and an opportunity to the educational practices we’ve come to rely on for the past decades (id not centuries). I’ll repeat again: media technologies are here, and they disrupt conventional practices. Educators should stop lamenting about it, and see how this can be used for their advantage.
The MIT course has multiple reading materials to give you ideas on the design of your next educational game, as well as several projects done by the (bachelor) students of the course. Here’s a link to one of them, which I really liked through it’s simplicity and the appeal it has for children (at least it seems so to an adult me). Take some time to plat Space Race! and you might end up learning something.

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The future of education?


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