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Unless you are new to eFaqt, you have probably noticed a huge transformation in terms of design in the last weeks. We have changed our signature color and modernized the look & feel of eFaqt. Why? Because we know that it’s much more motivating to study in a beautiful & active environment! But the work is not complete yet: Soon the tool & app will also get a new, super user friendly design!

Dani Guerrato, our awesome Designer from Brazil shared with us her thoughts and some concepts about the new design:

1. What was your inspiration when you created eFaqt’s new look?

My inspiration came from the real life tools we use for studying: books, notes and flashcards. I wanted to create a design language that felt familiar to the students, resembling real life materials we all know and love. But of course the challenge here is: how can we make these materials even better? How would the perfect study tool look, behave and feel like?
The new design still feels like paper in some way, with the smooth surfaces, card organization layout and soft shadows… but it goes so much beyond that! You will have a library of content with infinite space that you can share with your friends to study together.

2. How do you think the new design will affect the the users’ study experience?

We know that everyone likes to study in a different way. The students will have more freedom to choose how they want to study. The layout will change according to your wishes: If you are into flashcards practice, that’s what you will get! If you want to read all your notes in a summary structure you will get that as well. Or goal was to make studying more straightforward, easy and fun.

3. What is the highlight of the new design in your opinion?

The new library and practice screens are going to make learning super easy! The pause screen is also a personal favorite. Swipe for the design examples below:


4. What would be your personal tip to students who would like to achieve better results?

Don’t limit yourself to what you learn at school. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

Make it a part of your routine by reading a blog article about what you are studying or watching a movie about the subject.

Following the topics you are studying on social media is also really helpful. This way you will always have tiny bits content on your feed that will help you understand the subject at a deeper level and keep you always updated.

Bye bye!

So it’s time to say good bye to the old design & get excited with us for the new design which will be fully implemented soon! ♥️ Okay, let’s get one more last look at the design of the previous years:

What do you think about the new design? What should we add/ change/ keep? Comment below or send us an email to, we would love to hear your feed back!


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